The question that has been doing the rounds for some time is “has Silver become the new gold?” It appears fashion and the jewellery trade are saying a big yes.

Once upon a time when it came to jewellery it was all about gold. But gold is fast pricing itself out of the jewellery market and it silver jewellery imagecomes as no surprise that times are changing and the fashion for silver jewellery is the one that’s now going from strength to strength.

Gold has risen by more than 26% from the beginning of February 2011 when it was $1410 an ounce to $1780
towards the end of February 2012. With this continuing trend the fashion concious jewellery buyers are moving away from gold and turning to silver. The trend started with the teenagers and now it is appealing more and more to all age groups.

There is now a design and gemstone for every occasion from holiday jewellery through every day wear and for those special occasions. There is a wonderful selection of silver gemstone set jewellery pendants, rings, earrings and necklaces and all out there at great prices. The jewellery trade has seen this movement and is responding by creating more and more silver jewellery to supply the ever increasing demand.

The jewellery designs and gemstones that were once reserved for gold are now becoming widely available in silver. Both simple and intricate creations are proving to be popular with gemstone set pieces standing out from just plain silver.

There are some excellent online jewellery stores that are going one step further for their customers and overlaying many of their pieces with platinum or gold. They are going this extra mile because these overlays overcome the tarnishing that can sometimes affect silver. this keeps the jewellery you have bought shiny and new for longer and gives it that expensive look without the extra cost.

When looking for an online silver jewellery seller look for a store that has the information you need, such as the hardness of your gemstone [so you can see how durable it is] and how to clean and care for your purchase. Also, look out for clear details showing the silver weight, the size and cuts of the gemstones and a good picture of the piece you are interested in. Some sites boost the prices with delivery cost so, try and find one with free delivery so you don’t get any nasty surprises at the checkout.

Silver is definitely making its timely resurgence as the preferred metal over gold, with silver gemstone set jewellery seeing many new beautiful designs coming into the marketplace. There is no surprise then, that silver is fast becoming the jewellery to be seen in, with the beautiful white metal finding a special place in many a girl’s jewellery box.

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