As for fashion color trend autumn winter, bright, colorful and playful color trends of spring summer will be continue. It is not normal color, but lively and shiny one. For woman, it could be maroon, camel and caramels as the basic color combine with purple, orange, red and gold, teal and turquoise. For man, the basic color ranges come in blue, parry, and camel, combined with orange, navy, chocolate, and vivid tones like yellow, teal, and blue.

The following is some of the color that fit to the color trend of this autumn winter

  1. Soft Color. That is less bright color. For example, lavender, cantaloupe, spindrift, or honeydew.
  2. If you don’t want soft ones, some bright colors that work perfectly for this winter are lemon, orange, camel and magenta.
  3. Burgundy is the most perfect shade in between bright and earthy colors.
  4. Then Glowing and Shiny colors are still perfect even for the winter, in particularly, for the evening outfits to get more sparkling style to your appearance.
  5. Midnight blue is a color that always popular in autumn winter. It fits any occasions, formal or informal.
  6. The neutrals is the color appear most in every autumn winter, for instance, black and white.
  7. Prints and Patterns hit the color trend for this season.

In a word, there are not key color for this season, because most of designers pay little attention on single color, instead, they would like to combine more colors.

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