Our bracelets are perfect because of their versatility. When most of these charm bracelets, crystal bracelets and silver bracelets are first created they are literally sold off our wrists. These bracelets present some of our styles but our concepts in bracelets are limitless so if you do not see the color or color combination you want in any of these friendship bracelets, just email us with your idea and wrist size.

Copper Bracelets: The copper bracelet has a long history of use by many famous and not so famous people including John Wayne, and, it is written, by Cleopatra. More recently, you could see such luminaries as Justin Leonard and others on the PGA Golf tour donning a copper bracelet. Can anyone say for sure that a copper bracelet does anything? No- no one can say for sure- but many people either love the way they look or think they provide some benefit or know someone who “swears” by a copper bracelet.

Magnetic Bracelets: The Magnetic bracelet has an old history of used by many popular and not so popular people such as the ancient Greeks to the “king” himself Mr. Arnold Palmer. At AceMagnetics we strive to provide you with a great-looking magnetic bracelet at a fair price with our “no questions asked” money back guarantee- plain and simple.

Each stainless steel magnetic bracelet contains a minimum of six neodymium north facing unipole & permanent (1500 gauss) magnets embedded within their respective design. Presently our highest cost stainless steel magnetic link bracelet style 6B@ (only $49.95) contains seventeen such magnets with total gauss strength of 25,500- WOW! That’s a lot. We believe you would be hard pressed to find a more competitively priced/quality/attractive magnetic bracelet anywhere. Lastly, please be advised we cannot make any medical claims about the efficacy of a magnetic bracelet- rest assured though that your magnetic bracelet will look great and will make a great gift for a loved one.


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